Hello World!

Hello World!

Uwe Dreiss
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BlogHandy is finally live.

I've been working online and running web projects and startups for the past two decades.

SaaS has been my daily bread-and-butter for over a decade now. First at InvoiceBerry, an online invoicing software for small businesses, then at EvergreenFeed, a social media automation add-on for Buffer users, and now finally at BlogHandy.


Young me speaking at an Entrepreneurship conference in the House of Commons in London, UK.

Already back in 2011, when I first started speaking to and mentoring university students about Entrepreneurship and online business, I was particularly interested in SEO, content marketing and any sort of inbound lead generation and growth hack.

Fast forward to 2015, and my colleagues, business partners and mastermind friends would refer to me as the content marketing expert. I'd hire dozens of excellent and competitively priced writers in days, create well-converting landing pages and lead magnets and end up collecting millions of leads over the years.

I shared my growth hacks and inbound marketing advice with hundreds of people in person, but often it wouldn't come to fruition.

But why?

Was it lousy advice, or did my audience lack motivation?

Initially, I planned to offer a productised service that would take over the writing part for businesses. That might motivate people to get going with their content marketing as they simply have to pay $X each month and get a fresh blog post delivered to their inbox in exchange. 

However, that landscape is very competitive, often a race to the bottom, and, anyway, I am not too excited about becoming an editor.

Then another thought crossed my mind – why not offer people an all-in-one content, inbound and growth hack strategy? However, I already did some version of that, and people didn't act on my advice.

I then realised that I would frequently give people a task (e.g. "publish a 5,000-word expert Skyscraper article about X, make sure to mention Y, then...") without giving them the one essential tool to accomplish the task. 

"How do I publish something on my website?"

After hearing that question for the first time, I finally realised that I had it all wrong. I had explained to people the details without covering the basics. I skipped the introduction lessons because I had been working online for over a decade by then, and it simply didn't occur to me to explain simple things like setting up WordPress.

However, once I sat next to a friend, trying to explain how to set up WordPress for her already existing website, I could see the confusing look on her face.

"Isn't there a simpler way?"

That was the moment when the idea for BlogHandy was born – circa 2015.

I started the active development of the software only a few years later, around the beginning of 2019 and then got my design and development team involved in 2021 to finish off the first version of the product. 

As usual with any of my projects, I only launch them after they've been tried and tested for a long time. I know this is very much against the trend of the past few years, where entrepreneurs are deliberately ashamed of the products they're launching. 

So maybe I am too long in stealth mode, but I can't get myself to launch a product and ask for someones attention, time and money, knowing that I don't offer the best possible solution to their problems.

Here we are; it's the end of 2021, a turbulent year by any accounts. And the birth year of BlogHandy – a simple way to embed a blog into your website and start publishing content. No designers nor developers needed.

Sign up today for a free trial and share your feedback with me.

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