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  • Paste the BlogHandy Code Snippet into your existing website and your blog is live under your own domain
  • The blog instantly loads under your domain's subdirectory, driving valuable SEO traffic to your site
  • No designer or developer needed as it automatically adjusts to your existing design and layout
  • You can publish your first blog post in the next few minutes!
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    Simple writing editor

  • Forget about complicated editors and confusing interfaces
  • BlogHandy features a simple, clean, and intuitive writing editor, perfect for both content pros and writing novices
  • The writing editor is designed for speed and ease, with a built-in SEO Analyzer for instant content optimization
  • There's absolutely no need for any technical knowledge to use BlogHandy!
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    Boost your SEO Today

  • BlogHandy is designed with SEO at its core to help you rank higher for your keywords
  • The blog seamlessly integrates as a subdirectory of your domain (e.g., yourdomain.com/blog)
  • Our built-in SEO Analyzer provides real-time feedback to enhance your blog content for higher rankings
  • Your blog is optimized for speed and loads via Cloudflare CDN to minimize loading times
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    Get Indexed Faster

  • Integrated with Google Search Console for seamless indexing
  • Monitor indexing status and request priority indexing from your BlogHandy dashboard
  • New blog posts get indexed in under 48 hours, compared to weeks with other solutions
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    Lightning Fast Blog

  • Page speed is key for Google rankings, so it's also our top priority
  • The blogs get served via a robust global network with support from Amazon, Digital Ocean, and Cloudflare
  • All media is optimized and distributed through our global CDN for quick loading
  • Asynchronous loading keeps your blog fast without slowing down the page
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    Beautiful Blog Designs

  • The blog automatically adapts to your website's existing style
  • Pick from a collection of beautifully designed blog templates
  • Customize further with our design editor and custom CSS
  • Ask our team for personalized blog customizations at no charge
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Works with your favorite website, landing page and no-code builders

Embed a fully SEO-optimized blog under your domain with a beautiful design.
No developer or designer required. Publish your first blog post in minutes.
Click on a logo to view the platform-specific installation guide.

And many more...

If your website, landing page or no-code builder isn't listed above, it most likely still works with BlogHandy.
Check out our general integration video or reach out to support for help!

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Reviews from our happy bloggers

Great no-code blogging tool for any Carrd user. Took me less than 20 minutes from signup to getting my first blog post online.

James, Consultant

When I tried to work on my Shopify store's SEO I couldn't find any solution for blogging on Shopify. Finally, I found BlogHandy. A true life-saver! Our SEO traffic trippled in a short time.

Rimantas, e-commerce owner

I've looked for a way to add a blog to my portfolio website for ages when I stumbled across BlogHandy. I love your creative blog designs!!!

Rebecca, Photographer